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Update details about your car and its use

You can manage and update your policy online by logging into the 'Your Account' are of the Hedgehog website. 

What types of changes can I make online?

  • Change your car
  • Update your registration
  • Change your mileage and/or business mileage
  • Where the car is kept
  • Who the registered owner and/or the registered keeper of the car is

How to make changes

Log in to the 'Your Account' area of the Hedgehog website.

Once you are logged in scroll down and below 'What do you want to do?' there is an option to 'Update Car or Usage'.  


Simply enter the new registration and check the car details are correct. Click proceed to get a quote for the update. 

Can I add an additional car?

We currently cannot add an additional car to your existing policy. Please quote for your additional car as a new policy. 

Please note we are unable to offer cover for:

  • Cars with more than 8 seats (including driver)
  • ‘Q’ Plated Vehicles
  • Cars aged 21 years and over
  • Cars valued over £50,000 on Comprehensive cover, and over £7,500 for Third Party Fire and Theft.
  • Grey Imports

Further help needed?

If you need any further help, please use our online chat option (icon bottom right) to chat or leave us a message.